Ruby Rave - Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil (Tea Tree)

Blemishes. Not exactly your cup of tea, are they. No problem. Then grab a cup of Joe, relax and gather ‘round. Let us introduce you to tea tree leaf oil.

It’s against everything—anti-septic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral. Some might call it a bit cranky, since it’s always looking for a fight. But with all that pesky power, it’s a first aid must-have for your home.

This essential oil is taken from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia, a native to the northeast coast of New South Wales, Australia. The long thin needle-like leaves and giant white poofs are beautiful additions to the streams and swampy flats it grows along. You can’t miss its scent—a nose-tingling fresh camphor. Like a cup of strong tea, it wakes up your nose.

And talk about a natural treatment steeped (get it?…steeped?…tea?…) in history. The indigenous Bundjalung people used “tea trees” as a traditional medicine to treat coughs, colds and wounds.

Modern medicine found tea tree as great treatment of moderate common acne, comparable to benzoyl peroxide but much gentler to the skin. This strong oil even clears up imperfections caused by sunburn, soothing the irritated and inflamed skin. And tea tree oil is no flake against dandruff when added to shampoo.

clickR thinks its time for a tea party. The Pearl Wash boasts tea tree oil, so you can settle your moody skin with a touch of astringent and antiseptic mojo. Pass the sugar, please, because we think that’s pretty sweet.

clickR’s Close Up with Cam Gigandet

These days, you can’t swing a movie ticket stub without hitting a big screen scene with Cam Gigandet’s handsome mug. And since that gorgeous face is clickR’s go-to guy, we decided to see what Cam had to say about his days in the fast lane. 

When he slowed down his ‘67 Classic Mustang Fastback long enough to chat, we were able to get a little glimpse into the life of this sexy strong and sensitive type.

clickR: With your 2011 roles in The Roommate, Trespass and Priest, your year has been…shall we say…thrilling. So what gives you the biggest thrill?
Cam: Watching my little girl experience things for the first time.

clickR: What is your go-to playlist? 
Cam: Ray LaMontagne, Amos Lee, a little Mumford & Sons, and some good old rock & roll

clickR: After a long day on set, what’s your must-have snack?
Cam: Caramel Frappe

clickR: What TV shows do you TiVo?
Cam: The Good Wife, Dexter, House and The Mentalist

clickR: You have a very unique style. Who’s your favorite designer?
Cam: I can’t live with out my double RL jeans.

clickR: How do you destress?
Cam: Spending time with my family always helps.

clickR: Describe your ideal meal?
Cam: Anything that Dom, my fiancée, cooks

clickR: You used to play football, so who’s your favorite NFL team?
Cam: It will be LA’s, when we finally get a team.

clickR: What is your favorite “get away from it all” destination? 
Cam: Lake Tapps, WA

clickR: What’s the last book you read?
Cam: The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

clickR: Guilty pleasure?
Cam: I choose not to combine the two.

clickR: Time for the desert island question…What would you bring?
Cam: Bear Grylls

clickR: What was your worst skin nightmare?
Cam: I had actually missed school and convinced my mom to let me stay home from school because my skin was so bad one day. It really can affect you. And I don’t wish that on my worst enemy.

clickR: What’s your favorite clickR product?
Cam: Vanishing Mist, it’s the easiest. And it helps me when I shave.

Want more from Cam? Click here for your behind-the-scenes scoop during his NYC press conference on clickR. Also get up close and personal during his one-on-one.

Ruby News
How’s this for a brilliant idea…From now until May 17, get 25% off Day Brilliant Lotion with SPF 15, making it only $30 (regularly $40)!

Ruby Review - Vanishing Mist

Sure there are things you would love to vanish. Just a quick “abracabra” and poof, there goes your extra 5 lbs/MIL/boss/The Biebs.

Get ready to get all crazy Houdini on your skin issues.  No rabbits or assistants in flashy getups required.

clickR’s Vanishing Mist packs some hush hush secrets to clear up blemishes without trashing the integrity of your skin. A quick spritz brings multi tasking magic for clearer, more refreshed skin. Here’s what’s on the program for today’s performance:

Salicylic Acid – A gentle but effective bacteria blaster so future breakouts are a thing of the past

Aloe Leaf Juice – This well-known skin savior softens and repairs with hydrating TLC

Cucumber Fruit Extract – They don’t say cool-as-a-cucumber for nothing. It calms inflamed skin, reduces puffiness, and brightens dark circles.

Larrea Divaicata Extract – Sun damage, begone.

Allantoin – Soothes irritation and increases cell growth with its pow-pow dynamic, dual antioxidant/anti-irritant formula

And this mist this isn’t a one trick pony. You can use it all the time for a quick pick-me-up and longer lasting good skin. Just a refreshing mist and poof again, there go your skin worries. Too bad you can’t spray this on your SO’s cat.

How to Ace Your Job Interview

April showers bring May flowers. What do May flowers bring?…you know, besides Pilgrims…Graduations.

So get ready, dears. It’s job-hunting season. Even if you aren’t jump-starting your professional life after school (maybe you’re just looking for a change), here are a few tips on navigating the world of interviews…much like the Pilgrims. Only we hope not with as much scurvy.

Do Your Homework – Yes, we know. You’re out of school. Homework shouldn’t be in your vocab anymore. But it is, if you want to land a job. Before the interview, do basic research into the company: key players, products or services, recent news. Start with the company’s website, and go from there, using trusted online research sources only. While we’re at it, might we mention that you should do your research on your own history…so that you aren’t blanking on your past job when you’re asked to fill out any forms.

Practice Makes Perfect – No, this isn’t a violin lesson. But “you’ve got the job” could be music to your ears if you take a few minutes beforehand and practice how you’ll answer common interview questions (What are your strengths? Weakness? Where will you be in five years?).

Dress the Part – In a world where casual Fridays sometime extended into the rest of the workweek (Track Suit Tuesdays?), it’s important to remember you still need to dress to impress for potential employers. Don a suit or a nice professional outfit, and you’ll be flip-flopping down Easy Street toward an aced interview.

Magic Minutes – You’re late to everything. Break out of routine, just this once, and arrive 15 minutes early. Not 30 minutes. Not five minutes. Fifteen. This is the perfect number shown to make you seem eager but not crazy insane eager. 

First Impression – Sure, you’re greeted by the receptionist, but your first impression to the company has already started. Be kind to ev-er-y-one. You never know who has the boss’s ear.

Eager Beaver – We’ve just covered how to not seem overly eager when you arrive. Now let’s keep that calm, cool, collected self throughout, shall we? Let the interviewer ask you the questions. Let them talk about the company. Let them talk about their dog. Just let them talk. Then you can answer.

Good luck, grads! You can do it. Soon, everything will be coming up roses. With or without all that rain.

Ruby Rave - Larrea Divaricata Extract (Chaparral)

When you think of creosote, you think of the winter right? After all, it’s the black sooty tar that sticks to the inside of your chimney after a nice roaring fire.

Ready for this? There’s actually a plant called the Creosote Bush that is synonymous with a refreshed complexion. (We’ll take “Things That Make No Sense for $500,” Alex.) Unlike that thick fireplace ick, your skin is healthier for knowing this plant during the sunnier months. The burning question—why?

The Creosote Bush is a common desert shrub native to the Southwestern United States, (for all you Latin lovers, it’s called Larrea tridentata and Larrea divaricata). This strong-scented, olive green bush reaches six feet tall and the leaves, poking through some serious thorns and pretty yellow wildflowers, are covered in a shiny, smelly black resin. Light bulb moment—this might be where it got its name Creosote.

The purpose of this resin is genus…it protects the plant from UV radiation and reduces water loss in the hot desert sun. We think we’re onto something. Chaparral is an extract of this plant that, when applied to the skin, can have a remarkable healing effect. Especially against sun damage. The antioxidant in the extract imparts a strong anti-inflammatory effect, so that it calms and eases any sun damage while also keeping your skin safe from overexposure to sunlight. Minus all the black stickiness, of course.

It’s definitely NOT an SPF, but it will undo what you’ve done in the sun, along with keeping skin ultra moisturized by binding that life-giving hydration to the skin. For hundreds of years, Native American healers also used it medicinally as a tea from the leaves and stems. We’ll always drink to beauty.

clickR has Larrea divaricata extract in its Vanishing Mist, perfect for morning and night-time spritzing (never actually in the sun) for when you think your skin has had enough.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Eric in SF

Ruby Raps – The 411 on Glycolic Facial Peels

What’s the big fascination with glycolic facial peels? What are the pros and cons, and do you have any recommendations? Katie Guffin

Peels are a heavy duty way of exfoliating your skin using acids. We know. Kinda sounds a little torture chamber-ish. On the contrary, it’s really quite gentle and effective.
One popular peel acid is glycolic, a naturally derived alpha hydroxyl acid commonly extracted from sugar cane, pineapple, sugar beets, cantaloupe and raw grapes. A slight tingle and you know it’s working toward fading sunspots, diminishing acne scars, removing blemishes, and lessening wrinkles.

Since it deeply penetrates beneath the surface, glycolic acid stimulates cell regeneration by increasing collagen, and its fast-acting results slough off rough stuff for fresh, new skin.

Sensitive skin, holla! Since glycolic peels easily remove dead skin cells, you can send abrasive exfoliating methods packing. Have acne? You can still use your salycylic acid products during treatment—the two work great together to help with blemishes.
When choosing at-home peels, there are different strength levels to look for, ranging in concentration from 20% to 70%. If you’re a glycolic virgin (we all were once), start low and work up. Super sensitive skin? Always do a patch test first. Any irritation other than a slight tingle, rinse off the treatment ASAP.

Here’s the kicker: Although it’s tempting since they work so well, don’t do a peel more than once a week for two months. After that, switch to a maintenance routine of once a month. And since we’re facing some sunny days ahead, always wear sunscreen after a peel and try to avoid the sun as much as possible that day. Your new skin will be easy-to-burn.

A few we’ve tried and liked: Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel (an organic option), Philosophy’s micro-delivery vitamin C peptide peel (it’s not glycolic, but it employs the same principle with peptides), and the micro/mini peel system by Ole Henriksen (

Ruby News
Holy cow, clickR’s in its third partnership as the official skin care line of Sony Pictures’ upcoming movie “Priest,” opening in theaters May 13. This post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller is set in an alternate world ravaged by centuries of war between man and vampires. At least they’ll have good skin.

Photo Credit: Photostock

Ruby Review - Stop Time Night Cream

Day light savings time in the springtime is our friend.  Spring back, baby. Fewer hours of sleepy time but more fun in the sun. Good, right? 

Um…conundrum…more time in the sun might mean more skin damage. And since our skin repairs itself at night, the less time to sleep, the less time repair. Questioning the friendship between you and DST, aren’t you. Et tu, daylight savings time? Et tu?

With longer days on the horizon, it’s important to a make that beauty sleep really count. Make more slumber sense with clickr’s Stop Time Night Cream.

Slather it on (it’s oil free, so it’s happily missing that greasy feel of most nighttime formulas), crash, and awaken looking refreshed, radiant. It undoes what the day did. That’s because you’re repairing yourself not just resting. When you fall asleep and your skin wakes up and gets right to work regenerating cells. That’s why it’s called beauty sleep.

Let’s take a peep into this shut-eye savior that rocks even the most sensitive skin to sleep:

•    Ceramide-2 & Palmitoyl Oligopeptide – Repair damage from sun and pollution (the day has nothing you)
•    Hydrolyzed Myrtus Communis Extract – Extends cell longevity and vitality for better tone and smoothness
•    Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline – This plant-derived lipid has powerful anti-wrinkle action, so your daytime smiles don’t become reasons to frown. It tones, rejuvenates, and quenches the skin with moisture
•    Sunflower Extract – a sunny blossom that smoothes and nourishes skin
•    Diamond Dust – Polishes skin gently for a natural glow
•    Silver – Zaps bacteria and minimizes facial lines
•    Gold – Lets skin breathe a sigh of relief by sending oxygen directly into it to promote radiance

Happy Earth Day - Fun Earth Facts

You should always listen to mom. Especially when that omnipotent matriarch is Mother Earth. Now, that’s one great mother.
It’s no secret she’s trying to tell us something (read: notice all those funky weather patterns and earthquakes?). Not to go all kumbaya, but maybe we should listen to her. Show her a little respect.
With Earth Day today, you can do just that. Change a light bulb to an energy-efficient one. Recycle a bottle. Get together with the other 175 countries that celebrate Earth Day and give mom a big hug.
With water being an important part of skin care (wash, rinse, repeat), maybe we should take a look at how we use water. Are you careful with consumption or do you just splash around, not a care in the world? A few ways to help: Turn off that faucet when you’re brushing your teeth. Take baths instead of showers. Fill up the sink to do dishes.
And, if you think the water issue is just about the U.S., you’re wrong. Every person is co-dependent on the rest of the planet. Rain forests, pollution—what happens over there, affects us over here.
This is why groups like EcoLogic Development Fund in Cambridge, Mass., are so important. They focus on working to change the environment by helping communities (think Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Belize and Panama) to foster sustainable livelihoods. In Central America, only 21% of the fresh water available in 1950 remains today. Scary, right? EcoLogic is helping to conserve unique landscapes in Central America and Mexico by putting poor, rural communities in charge of managing local natural resources.  Change is good, people.
Here are a few “Didja Knows” about water and other Earth-friendly tidbits:

  • We each use about 12,000 gallons of water every year. Here’s an example of everyday usage: 3-7 gallons for toilet, 25-30 gallons for tub, 50-70 gallons for a 10 minute shower, 1 washing machine load uses 25-40 gallons, 1 dishwasher load uses 9-12 gallons
  • The energy we save when we recycle one glass bottle is enough to light a traditional light bulb for four hours
  • Every ton of paper that is recycled saves 17 trees
  • 5 billion aluminum cans are used each year. It takes 90% less energy to recycle aluminum cans than to make new ones
  • Never underestimate the importance of recycling: if every newspaper was recycled, we could save about 250,000,000 trees each year.
  • More than 20,000,000 Hershey’s Kisses are wrapped each day, using 133 square miles of tinfoil. All that foil is recyclable.
  • Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to watch a TV for three hours.
  • Most families throw away about 88 pounds of plastic every year.

What are you going to do for Earth Day this year?
Ruby News
We sure are Lucky—literally! Lucky Magazine highlighted clickR’s Hot Face Mask in its May issue, saying it’s a smoothing skin treat. Get yours here.
Get ready to get your Groupon. clickR’s Groupon is offering Boston, LA, Miami, Chicago, Fort Worth, Abilene, and Cincinnati a coupon for $20 for $45 worth of clickR products on Here’s the schedule so you can sign up on Groupon before it’s gone:

Boston, Chicago, Fort Worth: April 25
Miami: April 26
L.A.: April 28
Abilene, Texas: April 29
Cincinnati: April 30


Looking Good Through the Allergy Achoos

Flowers are blooming. Trees are budding. It’s spring. That’s what they do. And when they do their job well, you know it. Or at least your eyes do. All this pretty pollen leads to puffy, drippy eyes…red face…a nose that resembles a Rocky Balboa sucker punch.…yes, isn’t spring lovely. Too bad you aren’t right now.

Here are a few tips to help all of you with springtime allergies look good anywhere the green grass grows.

• Wash your face. You might think “hands off” when your face is fire engine red, but trust us. Even splashes of cool water throughout the day will help keep that pollen off of your skin. Not to mention, the oh-so-soothing jolt to itchy skin.

• To combat puffy allergy face, fill an ice cube tray with apple juice and freeze. Rub the “apple cube” on the swelling (don’t get it into your eyes). The coolness in the cube reduces the swelling, while the acid in the fruit juice increasing circulation and exfoliates.

• Keep things clean by using disposable mascara wands. You can find these at most beauty stores (think Sephora or Ulta). For liquid liners, wipe clean between each use with a mild cleanser and warm water. Give pencil liners a quick twirl in the sharpener.

• Your eyes have enough in them (pollen, being No. 1), so keep your eyeshadow out. Sweeping on an eye primer (we like Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion or Too Faced Shadow Insurance) beforehand will also help keep those speckles of shadow right where they’re supposed to be.

• Another eye shadow tip, the deeper the shadow color, the richer the pigment. This might mean more irritation, so try lighter tones like beige, tan and Earth tones.

• Just say “no” to pollen and put up a barrier with clickR’s Day Brilliant Lotion. It creates a barrier so that the pollen doesn’t get into your skin for more irritation.

• Hey ladies, you’re already red. Don’t exacerbate the affect by wearing blush.

• With fragrance being one of the biggest allergens, while in your drippy state, use unscented tissues, soaps, cosmetics and lotions. If flowers got you into this mess, why smell like them?

Ruby Rave - Arnica Montant Flower Extract

Tax day, huh. Deep breaths. OK, not too quickly. Stop. You’re hyperventilating. Paper bag, please. Chill.

Back to business. Today’s Black Friday status just reminds us how some days can be more stressful than others. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a big bouquet of flowers on those days? Well…OK…here you go.

The Arnica Montana. Bright greens leaves, tiny yellow-orange blossoms. It’s the daisy’s cousin from high atop the Siberian Mountains (not Montana, as you would think) and it has tremendous healing power.

Since the 1500s, Europeans and Native Americans have meant business when it comes to keeping their skin healthy looking. Even when they’re feeling a little blue—black and blue. These skin-savvy people created ointments that harnessed the arnica’s ability to stimulate white blood cells around bruises. This mountain flower beauty brought about a quicker healing time by acting as a soothing anti-inflammatory and gently flushing the skin’s capillaries of irritants. It even soothed muscle aches and reduced redness.

So here’s your own spray of the day…clickR’s Hot Face Mask. It heals and calms with arnica. Perfect for when you want to put your best face forward on those stressful days. Even if you’re opening the door to the Tax Man and not the flower deliver guy.